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Why Should You Consider Buying Recycled Wooden Pallets?


Qualified Services

Wood Pallets Services

We offer a wide range of products and services to meet all of your shipping requirements. From designing a pallet to meet a specific shipping requirement to custom building any form of wood pallet to meet your specifications, our aim is to offer quality wood pallet products and to meet the high demands of our clients.
Besides all the above, we are also able to offer our clients a wide range of services including:

  • High volume pallet drops and retrieval
  • Pallet delivery and Pick up
  • Recycling and repairs
  • Pallet sales and repairs
  • Our Storage Facilities

Pallets Services

Since we have multiple facilities, we can maintain extensive inventories and utilize high volume equipment in order to provide faster services, and manage our freight and logistics fleet so that we can react quickly to the demands of our customers. Through a partner network across the country, we are able to provide and serve various locations.

Our Storage Facilities

We know that you have worked hard for those orders and those efforts have earned you a substantial amount of orders from various clients. In line with keeping your goal to satisfy the needs of your clients, we understand that it’s imperative that the stocks arrive in their warehouses in the best condition possible, and on schedule. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to lose your client’s goodwill by failing to deliver the goods in the best condition simply due to lack of wooden pallets.

Logistical Support

Our reliable logistical support ensures that our clients receive the value they deserve. With a huge collection of trailers that are supported by well-maintained vehicles, we will always be available to make sure high volume pallet delivery and pallet pick-up is available immediately when needed. Our modernized loading docks serve to ensure that our clients receive efficient service.

Our Equipment

o better serve our clients and ensure we maintain or competitive advantage, we have a policy to always have the most advanced and efficient equipment in place, and utilize the latest technology. We take pride in our ultra-modern communication equipment, advanced sorting and conveyor equipment, as well as a state-of-the-art repair and construction facility. In this case, should any of our client require new, recycled, or even to repair existing ones, we’ll be there to offers an efficient and prompt service.


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Quality Solutions For Every Need

Ideas for Reusing Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets have quietly gained a cult-status as one of the inexpensive source of craft material. Pallets are increasingly becoming popular for landscaping projects, arts and crafts, furniture decorations, and even home construction.

Kitchen Furnishings

Cutlery tables and racks, or chests of drawers are some of the obvious things that can be made from wood pallets for your kitchen. Nonetheless, there are some projects that might be considerably simpler to make, but will give you much functionality. For instance, you can make a wall hanging for your knives, a holder for your pans and pots, and a freestanding herb garden for your herb plants. These are usually very easy to make, and are very practical and attractive as well.


You can use wood pallets for your living room in fabricating coffee tables and media consoles. Some other items you can fabricate include bookshelves, center tables, and showpiece shelves.
Wood pallets can also be used for your bedroom. Although beds themselves are definitely challenging projects to build, those with the right skills can make or fabricate theirs into beautiful crafts using wood pallets. You can also consider making wooden chests, decorative pieces, wooden shelves, drawers, and side tables.

Exterior Applications

When it comes to designing and creating works of art for your outdoor area or garden space inspired by wooden pallets, the only limit is your imagination. Making a porch is one creative utilization of reused wooden pallets. Some other creative ideas include outdoor tables, wooden chairs, wooden benches, street signs, nameplates, and wooden coolers.

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